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Case Study Number One:
A manufacturer of cable electronics came to us with an outdated web site, very little promotional material, and only two weeks before a major trade show. We were able to design and build a web site, create their promotional material, and have them ready for action in two short weeks. They were astonished at how low the bill was and grateful for our help. We continue to serve them today.

Case Study Number Two:
An international service provider had two customers overseas in despearte need of user guides for cell phones. Their turnaround time was less than one week to create complete user guides from scratch. We received the source material on a Friday, had the first draft done by Monday, and the entire user guide completed by the following Friday. In addition, we had improved the quality of the user guide over the guides for their other models.

Case Study Number Three:
A manufacturer was struggling with their web site and their product documentation. They had hundreds of files that were not being well managed. They decided to outsource to us because they couldn't get the right skill sets together within their own organization and were having management conflicts. We were able to make upgrades to their site that had been pending for six months in one week. In one month we provided them with a complete online document management system that streamlines their processes and make all their documentation readily available and easy to find. We did all this work in one month for far less than the combined man/hours that would have been required to do it internally.

Case Study Number Four
A documentation manager was hit with three additional projects in one week that had not been budgeted and planned for and was given no additional internal resources. He called us, we converted his documents from one program to another, "rev'ed" them and provided quality control. In addition, we have added recommendations for improving the documentation and the process.

Case Study Number Five:
A client came to us with a web site that was not generating any business. They had been guaranteed by the previous web developer that they would be in the top five on the search engine. We redesigned their site in one week and improved their ranking on the search engines - while educating the client and showing them how to keep up their site marketing efforts.

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